Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
December 2022, Volume 13, Issue 6, pp 589-711


E.S. Sedov, V.A. Lukoshkin, V.K. Kalevich, I.Yu. Chestnov, Z. Hatzopoulos, P.G. Savvidis, A.V. Kavokin
Double ring polariton condensates with polariton vortices 608

G.P. Miroshnichenko, A.N. Arzhanenkova, M.Yu. Plotnikov
Investigation of the method of current thermal modulation of the wavelength VCSEL 615

M.B. Semenov, V.D. Krevchik, D.O. Filatov, D.A. Antonov, A.V. Shorokhov, A.P. Shkurinov, I.A. Ozheredov, P.V. Krevchik, A.V. Razumov, A.S. Kotov, I.S. Antonov, I.M. Semenov
Features of tunneling current-voltage characteristics in dielectric films with Ni, Fe and Co nanoparticles, investigated by conductive AFM and within the framework of the theory of 1D-dissipative tunneling 621

A.D. Vatutin, G.P. Miroshnichenko, A.I. Trifanov
Master equation for correlators of normal-ordered field mode operators 628

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