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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2014, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 205-320


A. Badalyan, P. Mantashyan, V. Mekhitaryan, V. Nersesyan, R. Drampyan
Optical induction of 3D refractive lattices in doubly doped LiNbO3 photorefractive crystal 210

B.S. Razbirin, N.N Rozhkova, E.F. Sheka, D.K. Nelson, A.N. Starukhin, A.S. Goryunov
Spectral properties of shungite quantum dots 217

E.S. Sedov, S.M. Arakelian, A.P. Alodjants
Localized states and storage of optical information under the qubit-light interaction in micro-size cavity arrays 234

A.V. Vozianova
Plasmon polaritons excitation at rapidly generated plasma interface 249


A.N. Kovalenko, N.V. Kalinin
Thermodynamic instability of compound and formation of nanosized particles nearby the critical point of phase generating media 258

A.V. Melezhyk, A.G. Tkachev
Synthesis of graphene nanoplatelets from peroxosulfate graphite intercalation compounds 294

I.Ya. Mittova, E.V. Tomina, B.V. Sladkopevtcev
Effect of the mild method of formation VxOy/InP structures using V2O5 gel on the process of their oxidation and composition of nanosized oxide films 307

K.N.Semenov, N.A.Charykov, A.S.Kritchenkov, I.A.Cherepkova, O.S.Manyakina, D.P.Tyurin, A.A.Shestopalova, V.A.Keskinov, K.V.Ivanova, N.M.Ivanova, D.G.Letenko, V.A.Nikitin, E.L.Fokina, O.V.Rakhimova
Synthesis and identification water-soluble tris-malonate of light fullerene – C60[(=C(COOH)2]3 315

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