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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
August 2023, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 401-500


S. Kanemitsu, Jay Mehta, Y. Sun
Irreducible characters of the icosahedral group 405

I.V. Blinova, E.N. Grishanov, A.I. Popov, I.Y. Popov, M.O. Smolkina
On spin flip for electron scattering by several delta-potentials for 1D Hamiltonian with spin-orbit interaction 413

I.Y. Popov
A model of charged particle on the flat Möbius strip in a magnetic field 418


J. Matrasulov, J.R. Yusupov, A.A. Saidov
Fast forward evolution in heat equation: Tunable heat transport in adiabatic regime 421

J. Dweik, H. Farhat, J. Younis
The Space Charge Model. A new analytical approximation solution of Poisson-Boltzmann equation: the extended homogeneous approximation 428

Asma N. Naqash, Khurshed A. Shah, J. Sheikh, B. Kumbhani
Transport Properties of GaAs Co-Doped H-passivated Low-buckled and High-buckled Zigzag SiliceneNanoribbonTwo Probe Devices 438


I.B. Dorosheva, A.S. Vokhmintsev, I.A. Weinstein, A.A. Rempel
Induced surface photovoltage in TiO2 sol-gel nanoparticles 447

K. Abinaya, P. Sharvanti, N. Rajeswari Yogamalar
Solution processed Ag-In-S nanoparticles as light adsorber in ZnO for photovoltaic application 454

J. Abimalar, V. Anslin Ferby
Structural, electrical, optical and phase investigation of perovskite barium zirconate nano-particles prepared through auto-combustion technique 467

Boni Samuel, Adarsh K. J, V P N Nampoori, A Mujeeb
Optimization of certain synthesis parameters for CdSe quantum dots and synthesis of CdSe-ZnSe nano-tetrapods through facile hot injection method 479

N.K. Thach, I.S. Krechetov, V.V. Berestov, O.I. Kan, I.V. Maslochenko, T.L. Lepkova, S.V. Stakhanova
The role and effect of CO2 flow rate on the structure formation of ultrahigh porous activated carbon from H3PO4-impregnated waste cotton used as supercapacitor electrode material 489

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