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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2022, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp 001-130


G. Cardone, T. Durante
Asymptotic analysis of a planar waveguide perturbed by a non periodic perforation 5

Ph. Briet
A model of sheared nanoribbons 12

V.A. Zagrebnov
Comments on the Chernoff estimate 17

A.S. Mikhaylov, V.S. Mikhaylov
On the construction of de Branges spaces for dynamical systems associated with finite Jacobi matrices 24

K.K. Sabirov, J.R. Yusupov, Kh.Sh. Matyokubov, H. Susanto, D.U. Matrasulov
Networks with point-like nonlinearities 30

T.K. Yuldashev, A.K. Fayziev
On a nonlinear impulsive system of integro-differential equations with degenerate kernel and maxima 36


M.B. Belonenko, N.N. Konobeeva
Two-dimensional non-topological solutions of Maxwell’s equations in a medium of strained carbon nanotubes with impurities 45

A.H.A. Rosol, K. Dimyati, N.F. Zulkipli, R. Apsari, M. Yasin, S.W. Harun
Gold nanoparticles PVA thin film as Q-switcher in neodymium doped fiber laser cavity 50

R.K. Rai, R.S. Botet
Near-field optical patterns of dielectric nanoparticles deposited on a metallic surface 56

A.V. Kuchko, A.V. Smirnov
Iterative method of reconstructing the size distribution function of spherical nanoparticles based on the intensity of the small-angle X-ray scattering including the interference contribution to the intensity 62

Priyanka, Savita Gill
Pump photons present in a non-linear process as a witnesses of non-classicality of a system 71


R. Jeba, S. Radhika, C.M. Padma, X. Ascar Davix
Synthesis and сharacterization of zirconia nanorods as photo catalyst for the degradation of methylene blue dye 78

A.N. Sokolova, O.V. Proskurina, D.P. Danilovich, V.V. Gusarov
Photocatalytic properties of composites based on Y1-xBixFeO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.15) nanocrystalline solid solutions with a hexagonal structure 87

A.L. Popov, D.D. Kolmanovich, N.R. Popova, S.S. Sorokina, O.S. Ivanova, N.N. Chukavin, A.B. Shcherbakov, T.O. Kozlova, S.A. Kalashnikova, V.K. Ivanov
Synthesis and biocompatibility study of ceria-mildronate nanocomposite in vitro 96

Sankara Rao Miditana, Siva Rao Tirukkovalluri, Imandi Manga Raju
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of transition metal (Ni/Mn) co-doped TiO2 nanophotocatalyst on different pathogens under visible light irradiation 104

F.A. Doronin, A.G. Evdokimov, Yu.V. Rudyak, G.O. Rytikov, I.P. Taranets, V.G. Nazarov
A new approach to function-structurе modeling of the surface modified polymers 115

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