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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
June 2017, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 301-408


P. Exner, O. Turek
Quantum graphs with the Bethe-Sommerfeld property 305

M.I. Muminov, C. Lokman
Finiteness of discrete spectrum of the two-particle Schrödinger operator on diamond lattices 310

M. Aripov, A.S. Matyakubov
To the qualitative properties of solution of system equations not in divergence form of polytrophic filtration in variable density 317

B.I. Islomov, O.Kh. Abdullayev, N.K. Ochilova
On a problem for the loaded degenerating mixed type equation involving integral-differential operators 323


A.I. Maimistov
Interaction of fast and slow varying electromagnetic waves propagating in paraelectric or ferroelectric material 334

M.S. Masyukov, A.V. Vozianova, A.N. Grebenchukov, M.K. Khodzitsky
Chiral characteristics of metasurface based on gammadion cross in THz frequency range 339

A.N. Grebenchukov, A.D. Zaitsev, M.K. Khodzitskiy
Optically controlled terahertz filter based on graphene and cross-like metasurface 342

A.A. Talipov, A.G. Shmelev, A.A. Shukhin, I. Z. Latypov
Generation of pure single-photon states in commercial photonic-crystal fibers on telecommunication frequencies 347

V.V. Osipov, V.A. Shitov, K.E. Lukyashin, R.N. Maksimov, A.V. Ishchenko, V.V. Platonov
Ce:YAG transparent ceramics based on nanopowders produced by laser ablation method: Fabrication, optical and scintillation properties 351

M. Durnev, E. Eidelman
Distribution of supercritical nucleation centers during the crystallization process in the presence of a flow as illustrated by the example of boron carbide-reinforced aluminum 360

N.N. Konobeeva, M.B. Belonenko
Multidimensional light bullets in Fermi liquid in the presence of magnetic field and AdS/CFT correspondence 365

Anh Tien Nguyen, Tien Dat Nguyen, V. O. Mittova, M. V. Berezhnaya, I. Ya. Mittova
Phase composition and magnetic properties of Ni1-xCoxFe2O4 nanocrystals with spinel structure, synthesized by Co-precipiation 371

V.N. Semenov, A.N. Nituta, A.N. Lukin, N.M. Ovechkina, L.N. Nikitin
The microstructure of the surface of thin PbS films deposited from the coordination compounds diacetatodi(thiourea)lead 378

V.D. Dubrovskaia, S.A. Chivilikhin
Synchronization signal distortion in quantum communication systems 382

A.V. Ten, M.B. Belonenko
Indirect interaction of impurity spins on the surface of topological insulators 386


O.V. Almjasheva, A.V. Garabadzhiu, Yu.V. Kozina, L.F. Litvinchuk, V.P. Dobritsa
Biological effect of zirconium dioxide-based nanoparticles 391

N.A. Charykov, K.N. Semenov, V.V. Keskinov, P.V. Garamova, D.P. Tyurin, I.V. Semenyuk, V.V. Petrenko, V.V. Kurilenko, M.Yu. Matuzenko, N.A. Kulenova, A.A. Zolotarev, D.G. Letenko
Cryometry data and excess thermodynamic functions in the binary system: water soluble bis-adduct of light fullerene C70 with lysine. Assymmetrical thermodynamic model of virtual gibbs energy decomposition – VD-AS 397

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