Chemistry and Material Science

A.A. Efimov, P.V. Arsenov, V.V. Ivanov
Investigation of the possibility for reducing agglomeration of aerosol nanoparticles by using the needle-plate corona charger 491

M.N. Nikolaeva, A.N. Bugrov, T.D. Anan’eva, E.V. Gushchina, M.S. Dunaevskii, A.T. Dideikin
Resistance of reduced graphene oxide on polystyrene surface 496

A.I. Zaitsev, A.V. Koldaev, N.A. Arutyunyan
Promising directions of increasing the properties of steel 500

K.A. Sergeeva, A.A. Sergeev, A.A. Rempel
An effective nanostructured green phosphor Zn2SiO4:Mn2+ prepared by sol-gel method 507

I.V. Beketov, A.P. Safronov, A.I. Medvedev, A.M. Murzakaev, O.R. Timoshenkova, T.M. Demina
In-situ formation of carbon shells on the surface of Ni nanoparticles synthesized by the electric explosion of wire 513

E.A. Anumol, F.L. Deepak, A.N. Enyashin
Capillary filling of carbon nanotubes by BiCl3: TEM and MD insight 521

A.I. Izotov, G.V. Kilman, R.V. Shalaev, A.M. Prudnikov
Laboratory facility for working with supercritical fluids 532

O. Shydlovska, E. Kharchenko, N. Zholobak, A. Shcherbakov, A. Marynin, O. Ivanova, A. Baranchikov, V. Ivanov
Сerium oxide nanoparticles increase the cytotoxicity of TNF-alpha in vitro 537

А.А. Valeeva, М.G. Kostenko, A. Pfitzner, А.А. Rempel
Effect of high pressures and high temperatures on the structure of nanostructured titanium monoxide 544

S.V. Rempel, K.A. Sergeeva, H. Schroettner, А.А. Valeeva
Effect of nonstoichiometry and amount of additives on the structure of HAp-TiOy mixtures produced by high-energy fragmentation 549

A.M. Volodin, A.F. Bedilo, V.O. Stoyanovskii, V.I. Zaikovskii
High-temperature synthesis of finely dispersed oxide materials and C12A7:e electrides in carbon nanoreactor conditions 558

O.V. Almjasheva, A.A. Krasilin, V.V. Gusarov
Formation mechanism of core-shell nanocrystals obtained via dehydration of coprecipitated hydroxides at hydrothermal conditions 568

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