Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2020, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 127-261

V.N. Makarov, O.N. Kanygina
Model of destruction of montmorillonite crystal structure in a microwave field 153

Priyanka, Savita Gill
Comparison of non classical effects: quantum phase fluctuation, antibunching and minimum total noise in various non linear optical processes 161

N.V. Ryzhkov, V.Yu. Yurova, E.V. Skorb
Shannon entropy associated with electrochemically generated ion concentration gradients 171

M. Shunaid Parvaiz, Khurshed A. Shah, G.N. Dar, Sugata Chowdhury, Olasunbo Farinre, Prabhakar Misra
Electronic transport in penta-graphene nanoribbon devices using carbon nanotube tlectrodes: A computational study 176

K.K. Sabirov, J.R. Yusupov, Kh.Sh. Matyokubov
Dynamics of polarons in branched conducting polymers 183

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