25.05.2015 – 27.05.2015, Khiva, Uzbekistan.

M. Salerno, F.Kh. Abdullaev
Matter wave compactons in deep optical lattices with strong nonlinearity management 742

G.F. Dell’Antonio, A. Michelangeli
From «fat» graphs to metric graphs: the problem of boundary conditions 751

Z.A. Sobirov, M.I. Akhmedov, O.V. Karpova, B. Jabbarova
Linearized KdV equation on a metric graph 757

K.K. Sabirov, U.A. Aminov, Kh.Sh. Saparov, M.K. Karimov, Kh. Abdikarimov
The Green function for simplest quantum graphs 762

S. Rakhmanov, O. Karpova, D.R. Rakhimboeva, F. Khashimova, D. Babajanov
Quantum dynamics of hydrogen-like atom in one-dimensional box with oscillating walls 767

J. Yusupov, V. Eshniyozov, O. Karpova, D.Sh. Saidov
Kicked particle dynamics in quantum graphs 773

V.E. Eshniyazov, B.Kh. Eshchanov, D.B. Yusupov, Q.Ya. Ergashev, U.K. Sapaev
On theory of second harmonic generation in 2D nonlinear photonic crystals with arbitrary structures 779

A. Tanaka, T. Cheon
A topological formulation for exotic quantum holonomy 786

M. Aripov, Sh. Sadullaeva
An asymptotic analysis of a self-similar solution for the double nonlinear reaction-diffusion system 793

B. Abdullaev, D.B. Abdullaev, C.-H. Park, M.M. Musakhanov
Intra pseudogap and superconductivy pair spin and charge fluctuations and underdome metal-insulator (fermion-boson) – crossover phenomena as keystone of curate physics 803

B.L. Oksengendler, S.E. Maksimov, M.B. Marasulov
Degradation of perovskites and Dexter-Varley paradox 825

Kh.B. Ashurov, M.M. Adilov, S.E. Maksimov, B.L. Oksengendler
Influence of the radius of the quantum dot and the nonquilibrium degree on the conversion efficiency of light emitting diodes 833

A.E. Atamuratov, U.A. Aminov, Z.A. Atamuratova, M. Halillaev, A. Abdikarimov, H. Matyakubov
The lateral capacitance of nanometer MNOSFET with a single charge trapped in oxide layer or at SiO2 – SI3N4 interfaceat 837

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