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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 001-203

Special Issue:
Proceedings of the 11th Biennial International Conference
“Advanced Carbon Nanostructures”
Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 01–05, 2013

K. Takeuchi, T. Hayashi, Y. A. Kim, K. Fujisawa, M. Endo
The state-of-the-art science and applications of carbon nanotubes 15

T. Hashimoto, S. Kamikawa, Y. Yagi, J. Haruyama, H. Yang, M. Chshiev
Graphene edge spins: spintronics and magnetism in graphene nanomeshes 25


N.B. Tamm, S.I. Troyanov
Synthesis, isolation, and X-ray structural characterization of trifluoromethylated C90 fullerenes: C90(30)(CF3)18 and C90(35)(CF3)14 39

I.V. Mikheev, D.S. Volkov, M.A. Proskurnin, N.V. Avramenko, M.V. Korobov
Preparation and characterization of a new clustered {С70}n fullerene material 46

M. Yesilbas, T. L. Makarova, I. Zakharova
Fullerene films with suppressed polymerizing ability 53

A.A. Bogdanov, A.P. Voznyakovskii, A.O. Pozdnyakov
UV-Vis diagnostics of the PMMA – C60 composite system and the kinetics of its thermal decomposition 62

Y. Mackeyev, M. Raoof, B. Cisneros, N. Koshkina, C.S. Berger, L.J. Wilson, S.A. Curley
Toward paclitaxel-[60]fullerene immunoconjugates as a targeted prodrug against cancer 67

L.B. Piotrovsky, B.L. Milman, D.N. Nikolaev, N.V.Lugovkina, E.V. Litasova, M.A. Dumpis
Characterization of fullerene derivatives by MALDI LIFT-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry 76

E.O. Petrenko, M.V. Makarets, V.M. Mikoushkin, V.M. Pugach
Simulation of secondary electron transport in thin metal and fullerite films 81


K. Schneider, B. Stamm, K. Gutöhrlein, C. Burkhardt, A. Stett, D.P. Kern
CVD growth of carbon nanotubes with a Ni catalyst in a polyimide trench 86

N.N. Konobeeva, M.B. Belonenko
Propagation of femtosecond pulses in carbon nanotubes 91

A.A. Kravchenko, T.A. Ermakova, O.A. Davletova, I.V. Zaporotskova, T.K. Korchagina, U.V. Popov, G.A. Kalmikova
The semi-empirical research of the adsorption of biologically active molecules on the outer surface of carbon nanotubes 98

N.P. Polikarpova, I.V. Zaporotskova, D.E. Vilkeeva, D.I. Polikarpov
Sensor properties of carboxyl-modifies carbon nanotubes 101

S. Boroznin, E. Boroznina, I.V. Zaporotskova, P.A. Zaporotskov, O.A. Davletova
Migration processes on the surface of carbon nanotubes with substitute boron atoms 107


V.V. Afrosimov, A.T. Dideykin, V.I. Sakharov, I.T. Serenkov, S.P. Vul
Utilizing of the medium-energy ion scattering spectrometry for the composition investigation of graphene oxide films on silicon surface 113

O.V. Kononenko, V.N. Matveev, D.P. Field, D.V. Matveev, S.I. Bozhko, D.V. Roshchupkin, E.E. Vdovin, A.N. Baranov
Investigation of structure and transport properties of graphene grown by low-pressure no flow CVD on polycrystalline Ni films 117

V.A. Ponomarchuk, A.T. Titov, T.N. Moroz, A.N. Pyryaev, A.V. Ponomarchuk
Hierarchically porous graphene in natural graphitic globules from silicate magmatic rocks 123

D.M. Sedlovets, A.N. Redkin
The influence of the ambient conditions on the electrical resistance of graphene-like films 130

E.F. Sheka, V.A. Popova, N.A. Popova
Topological mechanochemistry of graphene 134

S.V. Koniakhin, E.D. Eidelman
The electron-phonon matrix element in the Dirac point of graphene 142

N.A. Lvova, O.Yu. Ananina
The adsorption properties of polycrystalline graphene: quantum-chemical simulation 148

A.V. Pak, M.B. Belonenko
The evolution of few cycles optical pulses in a double-layer graphene – boron nitride taking into account nonlinearity of a medium 155


M. Ivanov, Z.Mahbooba, D. Ivanov, S.Smirnov, S.Pavlyshko, E.Osawa, D.Brenner, O.Shenderova
Nanodiamond-based oil lubricants on steel-steel and stainless steel – hard alloy high load contact: investigation of friction surfaces 160


V.A. Davydov, A.V. Rakhmanina, V.N. Agafonov, V.N. Khabashesku
Synergistic influence of fluorine and hydrogen on processes of thermal transformations of carbon-containing systems under high pressures 167

K.V. Mironovich, V.A. Krivchenko, P.V. Voronin, S.A. Evlashin
Secondary nucleation on nanostructured carbon films in the plasma of direct current glow discharge 172

V.S. Protopopova, M.V. Mishin, A.V. Arkhipov, S.I. Krel, P.G. Gabdullin
Field electron emission from a nickel-carbon nanocomposite 178

S.S. Bukalov, Ya.V. Zubavichus, L.A. Leites, A.I. Sorokin, A.S. Kotosonov
Structural changes in industrial glassy carbon as a function of heat treatment temperature according to Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction data 186

S.V. Kozyrev, V.I. Ivanov-Omskii, S.G. Yastrebov, T.K. Zvonareva, M.S. Chekulaev, A.V. Siklitskaya
Carbon encapsulation of magnetic metal nanoparticles: correlation between nanoscale structure of carbon matrix and electromagnetic properties 192

S.A. Burikov, S.A. Dolenko, K.A. Laptinskiy, I.V. Plastinin, A.M. Vervald, I.I. Vlasov, T.A. Dolenko
Using artificial neural networks for elaboration of fluorescence biosensors on the basis of nanoparticles 195

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