Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
August 2023, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 401-500

J. Matrasulov, J.R. Yusupov, A.A. Saidov
Fast forward evolution in heat equation: Tunable heat transport in adiabatic regime 421

J. Dweik, H. Farhat, J. Younis
The Space Charge Model. A new analytical approximation solution of Poisson-Boltzmann equation: the extended homogeneous approximation 428

Asma N. Naqash, Khurshed A. Shah, J. Sheikh, B. Kumbhani
Transport Properties of GaAs Co-Doped H-passivated Low-buckled and High-buckled Zigzag SiliceneNanoribbonTwo Probe Devices 438

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