Chemistry and Material Science

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2020, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 496-617

Jitendra Borse, Arun Garde
Influence of complexing agent, pH of solution and thickness on morphological and optical properties of ZnS particles layer prepared by electrochemical deposition technique 519

N.S. Kozhevnikova, L.N. Maskaeva, E.E. Lekomtseva, L.A. Pasechnik, A.Yu. Chufarov, O.A. Lipina, A.N. Enyashin, V.F. Markov
A facile low-temperature deposition of Sn-rich tin (II) monosulfide colloid particles 529

B. Abadllah, B. Assfour, M. Kakhia , Ali Bumajdad
HRTEM, XPS and XRD characterization of ZnS/PbS nanorods prepared by thermal evaporation technique 537

Sanjay Prakash Kaushik, Satyendra Singh, Ram-Krishna Thakur
Stability and electronic properties of ZnSe nanowires: An ab initio approach 546

Yu.V. Rudyak, F.A. Doronin, G.O. Rytikov, E.K. Filyugina, V.G. Nazarov
Nanotexture effect of the fiber surface on the sorption capacity of nonwoven fabrics 553

А.V. Dmitriev, E.V. Vladimirova, М.А. Semkin, А.V. Korolev
Spin-glass transition in porous spheres BiFeO3 565

E.V. Vladimirova, O.I. Gyrdasova, A.V. Dmitriev
Synthesis of nanostructured hollow microspheres of vanadium (III, V) oxides 572

M.S. Duraisami, K. Parasuraman
High sensitive room temperature ammonia sensor based on dopant free m-WO3 nanoparticles: Effect of calcination temperature 578

Deepika Pal, Anil Kumar Choubey
Photocatalytic properties of persistent luminescent rare earth doped SrAl2O4 phosphor under solar radiation 590

K.D. Martinson, D.D. Sakhno, V.E. Belyak, I.B. Panteleev, I.V. Kochurov, Yu.E. Zevatskiy, V.I. Popkov
Synthesis of Ni0.4Zn0.6Fe2O4 spinel ferrite and microwave adsorption of related polymer composite 595

E.V. Polyakov, R.R. Tzukanov, I.V. Volkov, L.Yu. Buldakova, I.V. Baklanova, O.A. Lipina, V.P. Zhukov, Yu.V. Kuznetsova, A.P. Tutyunnik, M.A. Maximova
Synthesis and comparative photocatalytic activity of CuO layers on SiO2 substrates 601

A.A. Lobinsky, M.V. Kaneva
Synthesis Ni-doped CuO nanorods via successive ionic layer deposition method and their capacitive performance 608

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