Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2023, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 001-146

R. Chaurasiya, S. Dahiya, R. Sharma
A study of confined Stark effect, hydrostatic pressure and temperature on nonlinear optical properties in 1D GaxAl1-xAs/GaAs/GaxAl1-xAs quantum dots under a finite square well potential 44

N.N. Konobeeva, M.B. Belonenko
Tunneling current of contact of fractal object with metal and superlattice 54

F.M. Goncharov, B.Е. Pervushin, B.А. Nasedkin, R.K. Goncharov, D.A. Yashin, M.E. Gellert, D.V. Sulimov, P.A. Morozova, I.M. Filipov, I.A. Аdam, V.V. Chistiakov, E.O. Samsonov, V.I. Egorov
Increase of signal to reference ratio for phase compensation in continuous-variable quantum key distribution systems 59

Rohit Phogaat, Venkatesh Yepuri
Performance enhancement of triboelectric nanogenerator using iodine doped PVDF 69

E.V. Aksenova, A.A. Karetnikov, N.A. Karetnikov, A.P. Kovshik, A.V. Svanidze, S.V. Ul’yanov
Electric field effect on the light penetration depth and switching times in liquid crystal cells with nonuniform director orientation 74

R.V. Shalayev, А.I. Izotov, V.V. Syrotkin
Electrical properties of “metal-carbon film” contact 86

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