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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2017, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 149-298


S. Albeverio, S. Fassari, F. Rinaldi
The behaviour of the three-dimensional Hamiltonian -Δ+λ[δ(x+x0)+δ(x-x0)] as the distance between the two centres vanishes 153

G. Cardone
Waveguides with fast oscillating boundary 160

V. Derkach, C. Trunk
Coupling of definitizable operators in Kreĭn spaces 166

L. Grubišić, J. Tambača
Quasi-semidefinite eigenvalue problem and applications 180

A.S. Melikhova
Zigzag chain model and its spectrum 188

D.L. Meynster, I.Y. Popov, A.I. Popov
Model of tunneling through double quantum layer in a magnetic field 194

H. Neidhardt, A. Stephan, V.A. Zagrebnov
On convergence rate estimates for approximations of solution operators for linear non-autonomous evolution equations 202

N. Peyerimhoff, M. Täufer, I. Veselić
Unique continuation principles and their absence for Schrödinger eigenfunctions on combinatorial and quantum graphs and in continuum space 216


S.A. Botman, S.B. Leble
Electrical conductivity model for quasi-one-dimensional structures 231

S.I. Ezhenkova
Mathematical modeling of sedimentation of nanoparticles in the vessel of finite depth 236

A.E. Ivanova, S.A. Chivilikhin, A.V. Gleim
Quantum random number generator based on homodyne detection 239

K.V. Gubaidullina, S.A. Chivilikhin
Stability of Grover’s algorithm in respect to perturbations in quantum circuit 243

S.B. Leble
Kolmogorov equation for Bloch electrons and electrical resistivity models for nanowires 247

I.F. Melikhov
Asymptotic solution of ultrasonic near-field levitation problem 260

M.N. Nikolaeva, T.D. Anan’eva, A.N. Bugrov, A.T. Dideikin, E.M. Ivankova
Correlation between structure and resistance of composites based on polystyrene and multilayered graphene oxide 266

E.O. Samsonov
Error analysis in circuits building at the quantum computing platform IBM Quantum Experience 272

A.S. Starkov, K.V. Korzenkov, K.A. Starkov
Two eccentric cylinders in a uniform electric field 277


N.R. Popova, A.L. Popov, A.B. Shcherbakov, V.K. Ivanov
Layer-by-layer capsules as smart delivery systems of CeO2 nanoparticle-based theranostic agents 282

I.V. Zagaynov, A.K. Buryak
A surface and catalytic investigation of ceria by laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry 290

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