Chemistry and Material Science

A.A. Krasilin, V.V. Gusarov
Redistribution of Mg and Ni cations in crystal lattice of conical nanotube with chrysotile structure 620

A.Yu. Polyakov, V.A. Lebedev, L. Yadgarov, E.A. Goodilin
Two facile routes for functionalization of WS2 nanotubes with silver nanoparticles 628

V.G. Zavodinsky, O.A. Gorkusha, A.P. Kuz’menko
Energetics of carbon nanotubes with open edges: Modeling and experiment 635

S.S. Moliver
Modeling chemisorption of carbon dimer at (8,0) nanotube 641

A. Bachina, V.A. Ivanov, V.I. Popkov
Peculiarities of LaFeO3 nanocrystals formation via glycine-nitrate combustion 647

A.G. Kyazim-zade, V.M. Salmanov, A.G. Huseynov, R.M. Mamedov, A.A. Salmanova, F.Sh. Ahmedova
Nonlinear optical and quanta-dimensional effects in monoselenide of gallium and indium 654

S.S. Nath, A. Ganguly, G. Gope, M.R. Kanjilal
SnO2 quantum dots for nano light emitting devices 661

M.N. Nikolaeva, E.V. Gushchina, M.S. Dunaevskii, A.T. Dideikin, A.N. Bugrov, T.D. Anan’eva
The influence of substrate material on the resistance of composite films based on reduced graphene oxide and polystyrene 665

A.A. Semenova, I.A. Semenova, A.P. Semenov, E.A. Gudilina, E.A. Goodilin
Revisiting preparation routes of SERS materials 670

M.V. Talanov, V.M. Talanov
Universal mechanism of tetrahedral metal cluster formation in structures with breathing pyrochlore sublattices 677

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