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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2019, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp 501-602


M.M. Aripov, K.K. Sabirov, J.R. Yusupov
Transparent vertex boundary conditions for quantum graphs: Simplified approach 505

T.H. Rasulov, N.A. Tolsheva
Analytic description of the essential spectrum of a family of 3×3 operator matrices 511


V.D. Krevchik, A.V. Razumov, P.S. Budyansky, M.B. Semenov, I.M. Moyko, N.N. Khvastunov
Recombination radiation associated with A+-centers in quantum dots in an external magnetic field 520

Ayham Shaer, Mohammad K. Elsaid , Eshtiaq Hjaz
The heat capacity of a semiconductor quantum dot in magnetic fields 530

V.V. Karpunin, N.N. Khvastunov
Magnetic properties of the electrons in a phosphorene monolayer 536

V.D. Krevchik, A.V. Razumov, P.S. Budyansky, M.B. Semenov, I.M. Moyko
Features of the double photoionization spectra of two – electron impurity centers in quasi-zero-dimensional structures 540


S.Z. Adzhiev, I.V. Melikhov, V.V. Vedenyapin
Approaches to determining the kinetics for the formation of a nano-dispersed substance from the experimental distribution functions of its nanoparticle properties 549

N.R. Popova, T.O. Shekunova, A.L. Popov, I.I. Selezneva, V.K. Ivanov
Cerium oxide nanoparticles provide radioprotective effects upon X-ray irradiation by modulation of gene expression 564

I.A. Kodintsev, K.D. Martinson, A.A. Lobinsky, V.I. Popkov
Successive ionic layer deposition of Co-doped Cu(OH)2 nanorods as electrode material for electrocatalytic reforming of ethanol 573

Subramani shanmugam, Sivanandan nanjan
In-situ conversion of rGO from graphene oxide based on solar mediated enhanced characterization properties 579

A.A. Luginina, S.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Voronov, A.D. Yapryntsev, V.K. Ivanov, D.I. Petukhov, A.A. Lyapin, A.S. Ermakov, D.V. Pominova, E.V. Chernova, A.A. Pynenkov, K.N. Nishchev, P.P. Fedorov
Hydrophobization of up-conversion luminescent films based on nanocellulose/MF2:Ho particles (M = Sr, Ca) by acrylic resin 585

O.P. Swami, V. Kumar, B. Suthar, A.K. Nagar
Corrections to paper “A theoretical study of the propagation of light soliton produced by semiconductor quantum dots through optical fibers” 599

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