Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2021, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 546-651

N.M. Khatamov
Holliday junctions in the HC Blume-Capel model in «one case» on DNA 563

J. Gulomov, R. Aliev
Numerical analysis of the effect of illumination intensity on photoelectric parameters of the silicon solar cell with various metal nanoparticles 569

H.A. Zain, M. Batumalay, H.R.A. Rahim, Z. Harith, M. Yasin, S.W Harun
Surface plasmon resonance optical sensor for COVID-19 detection 575

Ratna Chakrabarty, Niranjan Kumar Mandal
Realization of combinational logic circuits using standard functions in quantum dot cellular automata 583

M.A. Baranov, E.N. Velichko, E.K. Nepomnyashchaya, I.V. Pleshakov
Energy relaxation in molecular systems containing salt ions 598

I.A. Nesterenko, I.Y. Popov
Modeling the evolution of surface nanobubbles 603

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