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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2013, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 161-299


V. Lotoreichik
Note on 2D Schrödinger operators with δ-interactions on angles and crossing lines 166

S.I. Popov
Multi particle states calculations and particles storage in perturbed nanolayers 173


Y.A. Baloshin, A.V. Drozdov, A.N. Volchenko
Features of near-field radio-frequency probing method in water dynamic structure research 182

V.I. Egorov, D.N. Vavulin, I.Z. Latypov, A.V. Gleim, A.V. Rupasov
Analysis of a sidebands-based quantum cryptography system with different detector types 190

R.P. Ermakov, V.V. Voronov, P.P. Fedorov
X-Ray diffraction study of the phase and morphology changes in yttrium compound nanoparticles 196

M.S. Kulya, Ya.V. Grachev, V.G. Bespalov, V.P. Kujanpaa
Spatial-time pattern of electrical field of terahertz pulse in the far field 206

R.K. Nuryev, A.O. Trofimov, A.Y. Bibik, V.A. Aseev, E.V. Kolobkova, N.V. Nikonorov
Crystallization process in oxyfluoride nano-glass-ceramics doped with neodymium ions 214

K.P. Priyanka, Sunny Joseph, AnuTresa Sunny, Thomas Varghese
Effect of high energy electron beam irradiation on the optical properties of nanocrystalline TiO2 218

A. Siretskiy, C. Elvingson, P. Vorontsov-Velyaminov
Stepwise conformation transitions for a semi-stiff ring polymer confined in a conical trap induced by the increasing external field or by cone’s opening angle variation 225

A.A. Vasilchenko, D.M. Tolkachev
Persistent current oscillations in electron-hole quantum dots 236


S.G. Gaurkhede, M.M. Khandpekar, S.P. Pati, A.T. Singh
Synthesis of hexagonal LaF3: Nd3+, Sm3+ nano crystals and studies of NLO properties 241

A.V. Melezhyk, A.V. Rukhov, E.N. Tugolukov, A.G. Tkachev
Some aspects of carbon nanotubes technology 247

B.V. Sladkopevtcev, N.N. Tretyakov, A.I. Dontsov, E.V. Tomina, I.Ya. Mittova
Effect of oxide composition (V2O5+Al2O3) via gas phase on the thermal oxidation of InP 260

Papers, presented at MAM-12

P. Barik, T.K. Kundu
Photoluminescence in Fe3+ ion doped barium titanate nanoparticles 269

A.S. Ganeshraja, K. Anbalagan
Participation of nanocrystalline TiO2 surface in the electron transfer between semiconductor solid and adsorbed cobalt(III)-Rpy complex 276

Gautam kumar sah, Ashok kumar Gupta
Miscibility studies of PVC/PMMA blends in Tetrahydrofuran by viscosity, density, refractive index and ultrasonic velocity method 288

RM. Hariharan, D. John Thiruvadigal
Effect of anchoring atoms on transport properties of a carbon-dimer based molecular junction: a first principles study 294

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