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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2017, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 001-148


M.M. Aripov, A.S. Matyakubov
Self-similar solutions of a cross-diffusion parabolic system with variable density: explicit estimates and asymptotic behaviour 5

O. Karpova, K. Sabirov, D. Otajanov, A. Ruzmetov, A. A. Saidov
Absorbing boundary conditions for Schrödinger equation in a time-dependent interval 13

J. Kerner, T. Mühlenbruch
On a non-separable quantum many-particle system on the half-line 20

K.K. Sabirov, M. Aripov, D.B. Sagdullayev
Stationary nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the graph for the triangle with outgoing bonds 24

Z. Sobirov, D. Babajanov, D. Matrasulov
Nonlinear standing waves on planar branched systems: shrinking into metric graph 29

Y. Yamazaki, S. Ohmori
Ultradiscretization of reaction-diffusion type partial differential equations exhibiting pulse propagation 38

J. Yusupov
Tunable wave packet transport in branched periodic lattices with time-dependent external field 42


B. Abdullaev, C.-H. Park, K.-S. Park, I.-J. Kang
Metal-insulator (fermion-boson)-crossover origin of pseudo-gap phase of cuprates I: anomalous heat conductivity, insulator resistivity boundary, nonlinear entropy 48

B. Abdullaev, D.B. Abdullaev, C.-H. Park, M.M. Musakhanov
Normal state pair nematicity and hidden magnetic order and metal-insulator (fermion-boson)- crossover origin of pseudo-gap phase of cuprates II 59

A.E. Atamuratov, A. Abdikarimov, M. Khalilloev, Z.A. Atamuratova, R. Rahmanov, A. Garcia-Loureiro, A. Yusupov
Simulation of DIBL effect in 25 nm SOI-FinFET with the different body shapes 71

A.E. Atamuratov, M. Khalilloev, A. Abdikarimov, Z.A. Atamuratova, M. Kittler, R. Granzner, F. Schwierz
Simulation of DIBL effect in junctionless SOI MOSFETS with extended gate 75

Z.T.Azamatov, N.A.Akbarova, I.A.Kulagin, V.E.Gaponov, V.I. Redkorechev, А.М. Isayev
Digital holographic interferometry in physical nanomeasurements 79

G. Babajanova, K. Nakamura
Fast-forward of standard dynamics with use of electromagnetic field 85

B.L. Oksengendler, N.R. Ashurov, S.E. Maksimov, I.Z. Uralov, O.V. Karpova
Fractal structures in perovskite-based solar cells 92

I. Setiawan, B.E. Gunara, J.S. Kosasih, K. Nakamura
Accelerated dynamics in adiabatically-tunable asymmetric double-well potential 99

I.A. Silanteva, A.A. Yurchenko, P.N. Vorontsov-Velyaminov, A.P. Lyubartsev
Equilibrium properties of 3-arm star-shaped polyions: an entropic sampling Monte Carlo study 108

A. Tanaka, T. Cheon
Adiabatic cycles in quantum systems with contact interactions 121


E.A. Belenkov, M.M. Brzhezinskaya, V.A. Greshnyakov
Crystalline structure and properties of diamond-like materials 127

S.A. Drozdov, V.G. Nazarov, S.A. Nozdrachev, Yu.V. Rudyak, G.O. Rytikov
The polymer composites’ morphological structure simulation 137

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