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Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
August 2019, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 387-490


O.P. Swami, V. Kumar, B. Suthar, A.K. Nagar
Stability of intersite dark solution in a parametrically driven discrete nonlinear Schödinger equation 391


A.A. Gaidash, S.S. Medvedeva, G.P. Miroshnichenko
Analysis of the unambiguous state discrimination with unequal a priori probabilities 398

V.G. Zavodinsky, O.A. Gorkusha
On a possibility to develop a full-potential orbital-free modeling approach 402

P.A. Gilev, I.Y. Popov
Quantum image transmission based on linear elements 410

A.M. Vorobiev, A.S. Bagmutov, A.I. Popov
On formal asymptotic expansion of resonance for quantum waveguide with perforated semitransparent barrier 415

I.S. Popov, A.N. Enyashin
Thermodynamics of H-T phase transition in MoS2 single layer 420


O.V. Almjasheva, N.A. Lomanova, V.I. Popkov, O.V. Proskurina, E.A. Tugova, V.V. Gusarov
The minimum size of oxide nanocrystals: phenomenological thermodynamic vs crystal-chemical approaches 428

Hadi Lari, Ali Morsali, Mohammad Momen Heravi
The prediction of COOH functionalized carbon nanotube application in melphalan drug delivery 438

M.V. Suyasova, A.A. Borisenkova, V.A. Shilin, V.P. Sedov, D.N. Orlova
Investigation of physiochemical properties and radiation resistance of fullerene and endohedral metallofullerene derivatives under the ionizing radiation influence 447

S.A Kuznetsova, A.A. Gordeev, D.A. Fedorishin, V.V. Kozik
Preparation and properties of CеO2 sols stabilized by polyvinyl alcohol 456

Deepak Kumbhar, Sarita Kumbhar, Sagar Delekar, Rekha Nalawade, Avinash Nalawade
Photoelectrochemical cell performance Cu doped ZnO photoanode sensitized by xanthene dyes 466

I.V. Gofman, E.N. Vlasova, A.L. Nikolaeva, A.V. Yakimansky, O.S. Ivanova, A.E. Baranchikov, V.K. Ivanov
Impact of nano-sized ceria particles upon the cyclization kinetics of poly(amic acid) films 475

D.S. Dmitriev, V.I. Popkov
Layer by layer synthesis of zinc-iron layered hydroxy sulfate for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution from ethanol in alkali media 480

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