№ 6

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
December 2013, Volume 4, Issue 6, pp 721-860


V.V. Zalipaev, C.M. Linton
Semiclassical analysis of tunneling through a smooth potential barrier and localized states in grapheme monolayer with mass gap 725

A.A. Boitsev, H. Neidhardt, I.Yu. Popov
Weyl function for sum of operators tensor products 747


R.P. Ermakov, P.P. Fedorov, V.V. Voronov
Study of dynamics of microstructural transformations in crystalline yttria nanopowder 760

M.I. Kerobyan
Interference effects in microchip laser with intracavity frequency doubling 772

A.A. Miskevich, V.A. Loiko
Spectra of coherent transmittance and reflectance of periodic, Fibonacci, and Thue-Morse multilayers of dielectric particles 778

I.Yu. Popov
On the possibility of magnetoresistance governed by light 795

U. Wulf, M. Krahlisch, J. Kučera, H. Richter, J. Höntschel
A quantitative model for quantum transport in nano-transistors 800


A.N. Bugrov, O.V. Almjasheva
Effect of hydrothermal synthesis conditions on the morphology of ZrO2 nanoparticles 810

V.A. Ivanov, V.F. Gremenok, H.G. Seidi, S.P. Zimin, E.S. Gorlachev
Electrical properties of hot wall deposited PbTe-SnTe thin films 816

Yu.N. Makogon, E.P. Pavlova, S.I. Sidorenko, Р.А. Shkarban
Influence of Sb content on phase composition change of nanoscaled Co-Sb films deposited on heated substrate 823

D.V. Pikhurov, V.V. Zuev
The effect of fullerene C60 on mechanical and dielectrical behavior of epoxy resins at low loading 834

M.V. Talanov, L.A. Shilkina, V.M. Talanov, N.P. Shabelskaya, L.A. Reznichenko
Effect of temperature of sintering on the structure of composites based on spinel and perovskite 844

Е.А. Тugova, I.A. Zvereva
Formation mechanism of GdFeO3 nanoparticles under the hydrothermal conditions 851

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