No. 5

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2022, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 478-587


T.K. Yuldashev, S.K. Zarifzoda
Inverse problem for Fredholm integro-differential equation with final redefinition conditions at the end of the interval 483

M.I. Muminov, T.A. Radjabov
On existence conditions of periodic solutions to a differential equation with constant argument 491


N.N. Ganikhodjaev, M.M. Rahmatullaev, M.R. Abdusalomova
Phase transitions for the “uncle-nephew” model 498

I.V. Pleshakov, O.V. Proskurina, V.I. Gerasimov, Yu.I. Kuz’min
Optical anisotropy in fullerene-containing polymer composites induced by magnetic field 503


M.V. Kaneva, E.V. Borisov, V.P. Tolstoy
Pt(0) microscrolls obtained on nickel surface by galvanic replacement reaction in H2PtCl6 solution as the basis for creating new SERS substrates 509

M.E. Kotova, T.P. Maslennikova, V.L. Ugolkov, V.V. Gusarov
Formation, structure, composition in the dispersed state, and behavior of nanoparticles heated in the Mg(OH)2 – Ni(OH)2 system 514

A.A. Lobinsky, M.I. Tenevich
Synthesis 2D nanocrystals of Co-doped manganese oxide as cathode materials of zinc-ion hybrid supercapacitor 525

Ujwala M. Pagar, Uglal. P. Shinde
Preparation and investigation of the screen-printed cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanostructured thick film with annealing temperature 530

P.P. Fedorov, I.A. Novikov, V.V. Voronov, L.V. Badyanova, S.V. Kuznetsov, E.V. Chernova
Transformation of siderite in the zone of hypergenesis 539

Runjun Sarma, Munmi Sarma, Manash Jyoti Kashyap
Synthesis and optical properties of MnSe nanostructures: a review 546

N.K. Thach, I.S. Krechetov, V.V. Berestov, T.L. Lepkova, S.V. Stakhanova
Optimizing the carbonization temperature in the fabrication of waste cotton based activated carbon used as electrode material for supercapacitor 565

Vilas Khairnar
Growth of carbon nanotubes on a finely dispersed nickel metal and study its electrochemical application 574

M.A. Lobaev, A.L. Vikharev, A.M. Gorbachev, D.B. Radishev, E.A. Arkhipova, M.N. Drozdov, V.A. Isaev, S.A. Bogdanov, V.A. Kukushkin
Investigation of boron-doped delta layers in CVD diamond grown on single-sector HPHT substrates 578

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