Chemistry and Material Science

Bassem Assfour, Thaer assaad, adnan odeh
Hydrogen adsorption properties of metal-organic frameworks within the density-functional based tight-binding approach 820

Jun Li, Zhen Hu, Yuanjun Song, Yudong Huang, V.V. Zuev
New route to poly (2,6–diimidaazo (4,5-b: 4’,5’-e) pyridinelene-1,4 (2,5-dihydroxy)-phenylene) (pipd) and high modulus fiber on it basis 829

N.A. Lomanova
Dielectric properties of Aurivillius phase Bi10Fe6Ti3O30 with a nano-sized pseudo-perovskite blocks 836

Sidheshwar G. Gaurkhede
Synthesis and studies room temperature conductivity, dielectric analysis of LaF3 nanocrystals 843

V.V. Sokolov, N.A. Petrov, M.V. Tomkovich, V.V. Gusarov
Porous structure of carbon nanoparticles prepared by chlorination of nanoparticles of silicon carbid 849

Е.А. Тugova, O.N. Karpov
Nanocrystalline perovskite-like oxides formation in Ln2O3 – Fe2O3 – H2O (Ln = La, Gd) systems 854

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