For authors

Instruction for authors

The journal publishes research articles and reviews, and also short scientific papers (letters) which are unpublished and have not been accepted for publication in other magazines. Articles should be submitted in English. All articles are reviewed, then if necessary come back to the author to completion.

The authors of the accepted papers can submit supplementary materials to their papers which will be arranged at the journal site. The size of the supplementary file should not exceed 32 MB.
Publication if free of charge.

Author should submit the following materials

1. Article file in English, containing index of UDC (for Russian papers), article title, the initials and the surname of the authors, the position, Institute, the electronic address, the summary, keywords, MSC or PACS index, article text, the list of references.

2. Files with illustrations, files with tables.

3. The covering letter in English containing the article information (article name, UDC index, MSC or PACS index, keywords, the summary, the literature) and about all authors (the surname, names, the full name of places of work, the mailing address with the postal code, contact phone number with a city code, the electronic address).

4. The expert judgement on possibility of publication of the article in open press (for authors from Russia).

Authors can submit a paper and the corresponding files to the following address:

Text requirements

Articles should be prepared with using of text editors MS Word or LaTEX (preferable). It is necessary to submit a copy pdf. In the name of files the English alphabet is used. The recommended size of short communications (letters) is 4-6 pages, research articles – 6-15 pages, reviews – 30 pages.

Recommendations for text in MS Word.

Page format – A4, page fields: right – 2 cm, the others – 2,5cm, Font – Times New Roman, a font size – 12 pt, a line spacing – 1, indent – 1.5 cm.

Title: a font size 16 pt, bold, leveled on the center.

The initials and the surnames of authors are printed by a font 12 pt, usual, is leveled on the center.

The name of the organization and the electronic address is printed by a font 12 pt, usual, leveled on the center.

The summary is printed by a font 10 pt, usual, leveled on width. The volume shouldn’t exceed 150 words.

Keywords are printed by a font 10 pt, usual, is leveled on width.

The name of sections are printed by font Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, a line spacing – 1, it is leveled on the left edge, separates from the previous section in the one-and-a-half empty line.

The name of subsections are printed by font Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, a line spacing – 1, it is leveled on the left edge, separates from the previous subsection in the empty line.

Figure captions are printed by a font 10 pt, usual, no indent, is leveled on width.

Formulas are typed in editor Math Type. Functions and symbols of chemical elements are typed by font Times New Roman, a straight line; variables Times New Roman, inclined; the Greek letters-Symbol, a straight line; symbols – Symbol, a straight line; a matrix-vector – Times New Roman, a straight line, semiboldface; numbers – Times New Roman, a straight line. The sizes: usual – 14 pt, a large index – 10 pt, a small index – 8 pt, a large symbol – 16 pt, a small symbol – 12 pt.

References to the list of references are given only in the text of article in square brackets. The list of references is made in accordance with the following samples:

1.    Ivanov I.I., Popov I.Yu. Book Title. Publishing House, City, 2000, 281 p.

2.    Ivanov I.I., Popov I.Yu. Paper title. Journal title, 2000, 1(5), 17-23.

3.    Ivanov I.I., Popov I.Yu. Report title. Proceeding of “Conference”. Place, date, Publisher, 2000, p. 13.

4.    Ivanov I.I., Popov I.Yu. Paper title. 2010. (

5.    Patent title, Patent.1111111 Russia: MPK H04 B 1/36, Ivanov I.I., N 2000131517/09, Issue N 12, p. 3.

Requirements to illustrations

Illustrations are given by separate black-and-white files. Formats of files – jpeg, eps, tiff.

Template of article in MS Word

Template of article in LaTex


The journal “Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics” maintains a policy of open access to published material, recognizing the priority principles of the free dissemination of scientific information and knowledge exchange for global social progress.

Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access, recommended by DOAJ.

Users can use, reuse and build upon the material published in the journal but only for non-commercial purposes.

Editorial staff provides a policy of maximum availability of published materials. All published materials are available on the journal website, on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY, Scientific Electronic Library «CyberLeninka», platforms of foreign digital libraries and information databases, in the Internet.

All the information about the Edition, Editorial Board is regularly updated and actualized.

The publisher is bearing all expenses for journal production and publication. Publication of papers is free of charge for the authors. Peer review is not paid.

All the articles provided for review have their original text tested for the level of uniqueness determined by using the appropriate software that shows the uniqueness of the article, sources used and coincidence of the text eTXTAntiplagiat and Antiplagiat.

Publishers license agreement

After the paper acceptance, the author(s) should fill and sign the license agreement. Please, send the scanned copy of the signed agreement to
You can download the agreement here.

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