No. 2

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2018, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 141-302


J.F. Brasche, R. Fulsche
Approximation of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators 145

R. Carlone, R. Figari, C. Negulescu, L. Tentarelli
Solvable models of quantum beating 162

A.A. Boitsev, J. Brasche, H. Neidhardt, I.Y. Popov
A model of electron transport through a boson cavity 171

S. Fassari, M. Gadella, M.L. Glasser, L.M. Nieto, F. Rinaldi
Level crossings of eigenvalues of the Schrödinger Hamiltonian of the isotropic harmonic oscillator perturbed by a central point interaction in different dimensions 179

R. Carlone, M. Correggi, L. Tentarelli
An introduction to the two-dimensional Schrödinger equation with nonlinear point interactions 187

W. Florek
The Lieb-Mattis theorem revisited 196

S.A. Botman, S.B. Leble
Kinetic model of electron transport in cylindrical nanowire with rough surface 206

T.F. Pankratova
N wells at a circle. Splitting of lower eigenvalues 212

A.S. Mikhaylov, V.S. Mikhaylov
Inverse dynamic problems for canonical systems and de Branges spaces 215

S. Leble
Cyclic-periodic ZRP structures. Scattering problem for generalized Bloch functions and conductivity 225


V.A. Margulis, V.V. Karpunin, K.I. Mironova
Magnetic response of a quantum wire of elliptical cross-section in a magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of the wire 244


E.A. Chernova, M.A. Bermeshev, D.I. Petukhov, O.V. Boytsova, A.V. Lukashin, A.A. Eliseev
The effect of geometric confinement on gas separation characteristics of additive poly[3-(trimethylsilyl)tricyclononene-7] 252

S.V. Kuznetsov, O.A. Morozov, V.G. Gorieva, M.N. Mayakova, M.A. Marisov, V.V. Voronov, A.D. Yapryntsev, V.K. Ivanov, E. I. Madirov, A.S. Nizamutdinov, V.V. Semashko, P.P. Fedorov
Ca1-x-yYbxPryF2+x+y solid solution powders as a promising materials for crystalline silicon solar energetics 259

D.A. Kozlov, V.A. Lebedev, A.Yu. Polyakov, K.M. Khazova, A.V. Garshev
The microstructure effect on the Au/TiO2 and Ag/TiO2 nanocomposites photocatalytic activity 266

V.B. Khabensky, A.L. Sirotkina, V.I. Almjashev, E.D. Fedorovich, V.V. Sergeev, V.V. Gusarov
Experimental studies of impact on a critical heat flux the parameters of nanoparticle layer formed at nanofluid boiling 279

E.I. Diskaeva, O.V. Vecher, I.A. Bazikov, D.S. Vakalov
Particle size analysis of niosomes as a function of temperature

L.V. Baran
Spontaneous growth of petal crystals in fullerite films 295

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