Papers, presented at MAM-12

P. Barik, T.K. Kundu
Photoluminescence in Fe3+ ion doped barium titanate nanoparticles 269

A.S. Ganeshraja, K. Anbalagan
Participation of nanocrystalline TiO2 surface in the electron transfer between semiconductor solid and adsorbed cobalt(III)-Rpy complex 276

Gautam kumar sah, Ashok kumar Gupta
Miscibility studies of PVC/PMMA blends in Tetrahydrofuran by viscosity, density, refractive index and ultrasonic velocity method 288

RM. Hariharan, D. John Thiruvadigal
Effect of anchoring atoms on transport properties of a carbon-dimer based molecular junction: a first principles study 294

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