Chemistry and Material Science

Ashok kumar Gupta, Gautam kumar sah
Miscibility studies of PC/PMMA blends in Tetrahydrofuran by Viscometry, FTIR and SEM analysis 670

M.A. Jafarov, E.F. Nasirov
Nanoscale structures based on the Zn1-xCdxS 680

S.A. Lermontov, A.N. Malkova, L.L. Yurkova, A.Ye. Baranchikov, V.K. Ivanov
Sulfated nano-ceria as a catalyst of hex-1-ene oligomerization 690

N.A. Lomanova, V.V. Gusarov
Influence of synthesis temperature on BiFeO3 nanoparticles formation 696

V.V.Postnov, A.Ya.Scaletckaya, O.A.Krokhina, V.A.Keskinov, N.A.Charykov, K.N. Semenov
Sorption and liquid chromatographic separation of light fullerenes C60 and C70 with multiwall carbon nanotubes 706

Nazme Moushumy, Kamal Alameh, V. Rajendran, Yong Tak Lee
Correction to the paper “Silver-Nanoparticle-Based Etch Mask Control for Subwavelength Structure Development” 716

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