No. 3

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
June 2023, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 291-392


M.I. Muminov, A.M. Khurramov, I.N. Bozorov
On eigenvalues and virtual levels of a two-particle Hamiltonian on a d-dimensional lattice 295

Tulkin Rasulov
The first Schur complement for a lattice spin-boson model with at most two photons 304

T.K. Yuldashev, A.K. Fayziyev, Sh.Sh. Pulatov
Determination of the coefficient function in a Whitham type nonlinear differential equation with impulse effects 312

V.D. Lukyanov, L.V. Nosova
Method of reference problems for obtaining approximate analytical solution of multi-parametric Sturm-Liouville problems 321


V.A. Lukoshkin, I.E. Sedova, V.K. Kalevich, E.S. Sedov, Z. Hatzopoulos, P.G. Savvidis, A.V. Kavokin
Oscillating vorticity in single ring exciton polariton condensates 328

I.V. Pleshakov, V.A. Ryzhov, Ya.Yu. Marchenko, A.A. Alekseev, E K. Karseeva, V.N. Nevedomskiy, A.V. Prokof’ev
Agglomeration of magnetite nanoparticles with citrate shell in an aqueous magnetic fluid 334

I. Vorontsova, R. Goncharov, S. Kynev, F. Kiselev, V. Egorov
Measurement-device-independent continuous variable quantum key distribution protocol operation in optical transport networks 342

E.I. Ageev, S.V. Koromyslov, M.A. Gremilov, D.V. Danilov, E.A. Petrova, I.I. Shishkin, D.A. Zuev
Single-step lithography-free fabrication of nanoscale broadband radiation sources 349


O.V. Zaitseva, E.A. Trofimov, V.E. Zhivulin, A. Ostovari Mogaddam, O.V. Samoilova, K.S. Litvinyuk, A.R. Zykova, D.V. Mikhailov, S.A. Gudkova, D.A. Vinnik
Synthesis of PbFe2.4X2.4Y2.4Ga2.4In2.4O19 high-entropy oxides with the magnetoplumbite structure 354

O.V. Proskurina, I.D. Chetinel, A.S. Seroglazova, V.V. Gusarov
Influence of the composition of the BiPO4-BiVO4 system on the phase formation, morphology, and properties of nanocrystalline composites obtained under hydrothermal conditions 363

A.E. Aleksenskii, M.V. Baidakova, A.D. Trofimuk, B.B. Tudupova, A.S. Chizhikova, A.V.Shvidchenko
Stable hydrosol prepared by deaggregation from laser synthesis nanodiamond 372

R. Naresh Muthu
Synthesis and characterization of one pot electrochemical graphene for supercapacitor applications 380

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