Papers, presented at MAM-12

N. Aloysius Sabu, K.P. Priyanka, Smitha Thankachan, Anu Tresa Sunny, E.M. Mohammed, O. P. Jaseentha, Thomas Varghese
Dielectric studies of nanocrystalline Manganese Tungstate 357

C.C. Chauhan, R.B. Jotania, K.R. Jotania
Structural properties of cobalt substituted barium hexaferrite nanoparticles prepared by a thermal treatment method 363

C. Deepa, A. Nishara Begum, S. Aravindan
Preparation and antimicrobial observations of zinc doped nanohydroxyapatite 370

Ayman Karar; Chee Leong Tan; Kamal Alameh; Yong Tak Lee
Dielectric Waveguide Optimization for the Enhancement of TE-Polarization Transmission of Plasmonics-Based MSM-PD 378

Nazme Moushumy, Kamal Alameh, V. Rajendran, Yong Tak Lee
Silver-Nanoparticle-Based Etch Mask Control for Subwavelength Structure Development 387

Partha P. Pal, J. Manam
Effect of Li+ co-doping on the luminescence properties of ZnO:Tb3+ nanophosphors 395

S. Sivasathya, D. JohnThiruvadigal
The effects of defects on electron transport in metallic single wall carbon nanotubes 405

R.R. Vaishaka, A.C. Hegde
Electrofabrication of nanostructured multilayer coatings for better corrosion protection 409

Valentina Tiporlini, Hoang N. Nguyen, Kamal Alameh
Noise Cancellation in Unshielded Magnetocardiography based on Least-Mean-Squared Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm 417

M. Vijay Kumar, S. Krishna Prasad
Composites of single walled carbon nanotubes and liquid crystals as switchable conductors 425

Sheena Xavier, Smitha Thankachan, Binu P. Jacob, E. M. Mohammed
Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles 430

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