O.V. Andreeva, S.A. Didenko, O.V. Bandyuk, A.V. Obrezkov
Bleaching process of Difphen nanocomposite studied with the use of LED light sources 25

M.M. Afanasova, V.A. Stepanov, M.A. Korgavchikov
Investigation of the electron-phonon interaction in structures InAs/AlSb in quantization magnetic fields regime 36

The Stochastic foundation of the nanoparticle kinetic description by differential equations with fractional derivatives 47

V.E. Zalizniak
Interatomic interaction in bbc metals 64

I.K. Petrushenko, N.A. Ivanov
Adiabatic and vertical ionization potentials of single-wall carbon nanotubes 70

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