The use of transient electrolysis in the technology of oxide composite nanostructured materials: review

Zh. I. Bespalova – Platov South-Russia State Polytechnical University (NPI), Novocherkassk, Russia
A.V. Khramenkova – Platov South-Russia State Polytechnical University (NPI), Novocherkassk, Russia; anna.vl7@yandex.ru

The available experimental material relating to the patterns of formation and properties of functional nanostructured transition metal oxide (Mo, Co, Mn, Ni, Fe, V) composite materials is reviewed. Advanced coatings are considered those whose formation method are simple and do not require high energy costs, expensive equipment and permit the creation of materials with desired physical and chemical properties in a specified manner. In this review, the priority of oxide composite nanostructured materials technology is given to a transient electrolysis method based on the analysis of a data set that demonstrates its advantages. The results are presented for a number of studies aimed at identifying and analyzing the nature and regularities of processes that take place when obtaining oxide composite nanostructured materials using transient electrolysis methods.

Keywords: asymmetric alternating current, composite oxide nanostructured coatings, optically selective coatings, catalytically active oxide composite coatings, metal oxides, electrolyte, solution, asymmetry parameter.

PACS 81.15.-z

DOI 10.17586/2220-8054-2016-7-3-433-450


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