No. 1

A.P. Alodjants, S.M. Arakelian, S.N. Bagayev
Phase transition and storage of quantum optical information using polaritons in spatially-periodical structures(RU) 7
O.V. Almjasheva, B.A. Fedorov, A.V. Smirnov, V.V. Gusarov
Size, morphology and structure of the particles of zirconia nanopowder obtained under hydrothermal conditions(RU) 26
O.V. Andreeva, I.Е. Obyknovennaya
Nanoporous matrices NPG-7 and NPG-17 – opportunities of using in optical experiment(RU) 37
E.A. Belenkov, I.V. Shahova
Structure of carbynoid nanotubes(RU) 54
A.N. Enyashin, A.L.Ivanovskii
Nanotubular composites: modeling of capillary filling of nanotubes of disulfide of molybdenum by molecules of TiCl4(RU) 63
V.V. Ivanov, V.M. Talanov
Principle of modular building of nanostructures: the information codes and the combinatorial design(RU) 72
G. Martin, A.M. Yafyasov, B.S. Pavlov
Resonance one-body scattering on a junction 108
I.V. Melikhov
Evolutionary approach to nanostructures formation(RU) 148
V.Ya. Rudyak, A.A. Belkin
Modeling of transition coefficients of nanofluids(RU) 156
A.V. Shorokhov, V.A. Margulis
Intraband resonance scattering of electromagnetic radiation in anisotropic quantum dots 178

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