D.K. Durdiev
Inverse problem for the identification of a memory kernel from Maxwell’s system integro-differential equations
for a homogeneous anisotropic media

N.N. Konobeeva, A.A. Polunina, M.B. Belonenko
Renyi entropy for the doped graphene at low temperatures 274

M.I. Muminov, T.H. Rasulov
Universality of the discrete spectrum asymptotics of the three-particle Schrödinger operator on a lattice 280

K.N. Semenov, N.A. Charykov, A.S. Kritchenkov, I.A. Cherepkova, O.S. Manyakina, D.P. Tyurin, A.A. Shestopalova, V.A. Keskinov, K.V. Ivanova, N.M. Ivanova, D.G. Letenko, V.A. Nikitin, E.L. Fokina, M.S. Gutenev
Dependence of the dimension of the associates of water-soluble tris-malonate of light fullerene — C60 [= C(COOH)2]3 in water solutions at 25 °C 294

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