No. 1

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2024, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 001-148


Y. Bekakra, A. Bouziani
Existence and uniqueness theorem for a weak solution of fractional parabolic problem by the Rothe method 5

B.I. Andrew, A. Anuradha
A Graph spectral analysis of nonane isomers 16

I.M. Mavlonov, A.M. Sattarov, S.A. Karimova, F.H. Haydarov
On solutions to nonlinear integral equation of the Hammerstein type and its applications to gibbs measures for continuous spin systems 23

R.R. Kucharov, T.M. Tuxtamurodova
Non-compact perturbation of the spectrum of multipliers given by a special form 31


V.Ya. Rudyak, S.L. Krasnolutskii, E.V. Lezhnev
Molecular dynamics study of nanofluids viscosity with carbon tubes 37

Nguyen Van Vinh, Nguyen Pham Quynh Anh
Features of surface Bessel plasmon-polaritons in optical anisotropic hyperbolic metamaterials 46

K.A. Chichay, I.S. Lobanov, V.M. Uzdin
The structure of magnetic domain walls in cylindrical nano- and microwires with inhomogeneous anisotropy 55

S.V. Belibikhin, N.N. Konobeeva
Extremely short optical pulses in a thin polymer film with carbon nanotubes 60


V.A. Vorotnikov, S.A. Belyakov, A.V. Ivanov, Yu.V. Novikova, A.Yu. Stroeva, V.V. Grebenev, D.N. Khmelenin, O.V. Emelyanova, M.S. Plekhanov, A.V. Kuzmin
Equilibrium of intrinsic and impurity point defects in Ca-doped Sm2Zr2O7 65

P.E. Kazin, A.E. Sleptsova, A.V. Vasiliev, A.A. Eliseev, R.E. Dinnebier, S. Bette
Single-domain particles of manganese-for-iron substituted M-type barium hexaferrite: synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties 80

V.P. Tolstoy, E.E. Shilovskikh, L.B. Gulina
The effect of Ag(0) colloidal crystals and nanoribbons formation as a result of the redox reaction between Ce(III) and Ag(I) cations occurring on the surface of an aqueous solution of their salts mixture 98

Zh. Liu, S.V. Golodukhina, S.V. Kameneva, A.D. Yapryntsev
Fluorination of Eu-doped layered yttrium hydroxides: the role of anionic composition 104

R.Sh. Abiev, A.V. Zdravkov, Yu.S. Kudryashova, A.A. Alexandrov, S.V. Kuznetsov, P.P. Fedorov
Synthesis of strontium fluoride nanoparticles in a microreactor with intensely swirling flows 115

A.V. Ankudinov, M.S. Dunaevskiy, A.A. Krasilin, M.M. Khalisov, E.K. Khrapova
Determining Young’s and shear moduli of a rod-shaped object in an AFM bending test 122

A.V. Kaplin, E.A. Eremina, M.V. Korobov
Sorption of polar and non-polar liquids by GO powders according to DSC experiments 130

R.K. Shukla, Anchal Srivastava, Shikha Rani, Nidhi Singh, Vishnu Kumar Dwivedi, Sharda Pandey, Navina Wadhwani
Simulation and evaluation of perovskite solar cells utilizing various electron transport layers 135

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