No. 5

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2015, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 607-735


V.M. Adamyan, I.V. Blinova, A.I. Popov, I.Yu. Popov
Waveguide bands for a system of macromolecules 611

Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov, F.H. Haydarov
On positive solutions of the homogeneous Hammerstein integral equation 618


M.V. Ananyeva, A.V. Kalenskii, A.A. Zvekov, A.P. Nikitin, I.Yu. Zykov
The optical properties of the cobalt nanoparticles in the transparent condensed matrices 628

E.N. Grishanov, D.A. Eremin, D.A. Ivanov, I.Yu. Popov, P.I. Smirnov
Periodic chain of disks in a magnetic field: bulk states and edge states 637

M.A. Jafarov, E.F. Nasirov, S.A. Jahangirova, R. Jafarli
Nano-ZnS thin films for solar cell 644

M.M. Khandpekar, A. Shrivastava, D.S. Gowtam, M. Mohape, V.P. Deshmukh
Prediction of glass forming ability in CuxZr1-x alloys using molecular dynamics 650

G.F. Kopytov, A.A. Martynov, N.S. Akintsov
The motion of a charged particle in the field by a frequency-modulated electromagnetic wave 661

I.V. Makeev, I.V. Blinova. I.Yu. Popov
Analytical benchmark solutions for nanotube flows with variable viscosity 672

A.V. Siklitskaya, V.I. Ivanov-Omskii, M.S. Chekulaev, S.G. Yastrebov, R. Smith, A. Slav, C. Morosanu, S.V. Kozyrev
Encapsulation of iron atoms between framgments of graphene planes 680

D.N. Vavulin, A.A. Sukhorukov
Numerical solution of Schrödinger equation for biphoton wave function in twisted waveguide arrays 689


O.V. Almjasheva
Heat-stimulated transformation of zirconium dioxide nanocrystals produced under hydrothermal conditions 697

M.Yu. Matuzenko, D.P. Tyurin, O.S. Manyakina, K.N. Semenov, N.A. Charykov, K.V. Ivanova, V.A. Keskinov
Cryometry and excess functions of fullerenols and trismalonates of light fullerenes – C60(OH) and C70[=C(COOH)2]3 aqueous solutions 704

M.Yu. Matuzenko, A.A. Shestopalova, K.N. Semenov, N.A. Charykov, V.A. Keskinov
Cryometry and excess functions of the adduct of light fullerene C60 and arginine – C60(C6H12NaN4O2)8H8 aqueous solutions 715

A.V. Nushtaeva
Stabilization of water-in-oil emulsions with complex of silica particles and hexylamine 726

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