Chemistry and Material Science

A.T. Nguyen, M.V. Knurova, T.M. Nguyen, V.O. Mittova, I.Ya. Mittova
Synthesis and the study of magnetic characteristics of nano La1-xSrxFeO3 by co-precipitation method 692

V.I. Popkov, O.V. Almjasheva
Formation mechanism of YFeO3 nanoparticles under the hydrothermal conditions 703

K.N. Semenov, N.A. Charykov, A.S. Kritchenkov, I.A. Cherepkova, O.S. Manyakina, D.P. Tyurin, A.A. Shestopalova, V.A. Keskinov, E.A. Kulenova, K.V. Ivanova, N.M. Ivanova, D.G. Letenko, V.A. Nikitin, E.L. Fokina
Concentration dependence of electric conductivity and pH for aqueous solutions of water-soluble light fullerene – C60 [= C(COOH)2]3 tris-malonate 709

V.V. Shelkovnikov, G.A. Lyubas, S.V. Korotaev
Controlled interference color of the metal surface by combination of the chemical and electrochemical aluminum surface treatment 718

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