No. 5

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
October 2016, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp 781-902

I.Y.Popov, P.A. Kurasov, S.N. Naboko, A.A. Kiselev, A.E. Ryzhkov, A.M. Yafyasov, G.P. Miroshnichenko, Yu.E. Karpeshina, V.I. Kruglov, T.F. Pankratova, A.I. Popov
A distinguished mathematical physicist Boris S. Pavlov 782

P. Exner, V. Lotoreichik, M. Tater
On resonances and bound states of Smilansky Hamiltonian 789

S. Albeverio, S. Fassari, F. Rinaldi
Spectral properties of a symmetric three-dimensional quantum dot with a pair of identical attractive δ-impurities symmetrically situated around the origin II 803

B. Pavlov, A. Yafyasov
Resonance scattering across the superlattice barrier and the dimensional quantization 816

F. Al-Musallam, S. Avdonin, N. Avdonina, Ju. Edward
Control and inverse problems for networks of vibrating strings with attached masses 835

A.S. Mikhaylov, V.S. Mikhaylov
Dynamical inverse problem for the discrete Schrödinger operator 842

N.G. Kuznetsov
On direct and inverse spectral problems for sloshing of a two-layer fluid in an open container 854

E.N. Grishanov, I.Y. Popov
Computer simulation of periodic nanostructures 865

V.I. Korzyuk , N.V. Vinh
Cauchy problem for some fourth-order nonstrictly hyperbolic equations 869

M. Muminov
Spectral properties of a two-particle hamiltonian on a d-dimensional lattice 880

F.H. Haydarov
Characterization of the normal subgroups of finite index for the group representation of a Cayley tree 888

Yu.Kh. Eshkabilov, Sh.P. Bobonazarov, R.I. Teshaboev
Translation-invariant Gibbs measures for a model with logarithmic potential on a Cayley tree 893

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