No. 3


D.G. Matveev, I.Yu. Popov
Variational estimations of the eigenvalues for 3D quantum waveguides 6


A.S. Anikevich
Spectrum problem for chains of weakly coupled conglobate resonators 23
A.V. Atrashchenko, A.A. Krasilin, I.S. Kuchuk, E.M. Aryslanova, S.A. Chivilikhin, P.A. Belov
Electrochemical methods of synthesis of hyperbolic metamaterials 31
V.V. Zubkov, I.V. Grinev, V.M. Samsonov
Single-particle potentials for adsorbents with spherical and cylindrical geometry 52
E.P. Kon`kova, M.B. Belonenko
Energy transfer in a molecule of NADH 69
A.V. Kuchko, A.V. Smirnov
The computation of the nanoparticles volume distribution function and the specific surface area based on the small-angle x-ray scattering indicatrix by the method of the statistical regularization 76
S.M. Kynev, A.E. Ivanova, V.I. Egorov, A.V. Gleim, A.V. Rupasov, S.A. Chivilikhin
Mathematical description of polarization distortion of signal in quantum cryptography systems 92
V.P. Smirnov
Symmetrized combinations of s-, p-, d-, f-spinors for study of electronic structure of physical systems 99
S.V. Ulyanov, V.P. Romanov, V.M. Uzdin
X-ray scattering from layered nanosystems with rough interfaces 110


I.S. Kuchuk, O.V. Almjasheva
Structural transformations in the ZrO2-Al2O3 nanocomposite by heating 123

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