No. 2

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
April 2024, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 149-309


A.S. Melikhova, A.I. Popov, I.V. Blinova, I.Y. Popov
Mathematical model of weakly coupled spherical resonator chains under the influence of external magnetic field 155

T.K. Yuldashev, A.K. Fayziyev
Mixed problem for a linear differential equation of parabolic type with nonlinear impulsive conditions 160


Rupesh Singh, Dilip Kumar Giri
Photon antibunching in sixth harmonic generation 170

Syed Ziad Z. Aljunid, Nurul Athirah M. A. Ghafar, Bilal A. Ahmad, Retna Apsari, Sulaiman W. Harun
Q-Switched and mode-locked pulse generations with Ti3AlC2 absorber 184

M.N. Potkina, I.S. Lobanov
Nucleation of magnetic skyrmions at a notch 192

R.V. Shalayev, А.I. Izotov, V.V. Syrotkin
Some features of the thermoelectric properties of the “metal-carbon film” junction 201

S.V. Bulyarsky, L.N. Vostretsova, V.A. Ribenek
Tunneling recombination in GaN/InGaN LEDs with a single quantum well 204


T.O. Kozlova, E.D. Sheichenko, D.N. Vasilyeva, D.A. Kozlov, I.V. Kolesnik, I.V. Tronev, M.A. Teplonogova, A.E. Baranchikov, V.K. Ivanov
Ultrasonic-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of nanoscale double ceric phosphates 215

M.N. Smirnova, G.E. Nikiforova, O.N. Kondrat’eva
Synthesis of magnesium ferrite by combustion of glycine-nitrate gel: the influence of reagents on the gel-precursor and the microstructure of nanopowders 224

K.D. Martinson, A.A. Murashkin, A.A. Lobinsky, D.D. Maltsev, K. Qi, J. Yu, O.V. Almjasheva, V.I. Popkov
Structural, magnetic and electrochemical studies on ZnxMg1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles prepared via solution combustion method 233

M.S. Lomakin, O.V. Proskurina, A.A. Levin, V.N. Nevedomskiy
Pyrochlore phase in the Bi2O3-Fe2O3-WO3-(H2O) system: its stability field in the low-temperature region of the phase diagram and thermal stability 240

P.A. Popov, A.V. Shchelokov, P.P. Fedorov
Numerical model of temperature-dependent thermal conductivity in M1-xRxF2+x heterovalent solid solution nanocomposites where M stands for alkaline-earth metals and R for rare-earth metals 255

N.N. Chukavin, D.D. Kolmanovich, A.D. Filippova, M.A. Teplonogova, V.K. Ivanov, A.L. Popov
Synthesis of redox-active Ce0.75Bi0.15Tb0.1F3 nanoparticles and their biocompatibility study in vitro 260

S.V. Kononova, G.K. Lebedeva, V.S. Kozlov , E.N. Korytkova, T.P. Maslennikova, E.V. Kruchinina, E.N. Vlasova, N.N. Saprykina, G.N. Gubanova, M.E. Vylegzhanina, V.T. Lebedev
Nanocomposites of aromatic poly(amide-imide) with nanotubular Mg-Fe hydrosilicate 268

P.M. Yeletsky, N.A. Yazykov, Yu.V. Dubinin, M.M. Borodaevskiy, S.A. Selishcheva, V.A. Yakovlev
Green approach to production of porous char adsorbents via oxidative carbonization in fluidized catalyst bed 285

Thanh Thi Van Nguyen
A plasmonic turn-on insulin sensing platform on centimeter scale nanostructure arrays 300

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