M.B. Belonenko, Ju.V. Nevzorova, E.N. Galkina
Few cycle pulses in the Bragg medium containing carbon nanotubes 644

R. Drampyan, Т. Vartanyan
Optical micro-structuring of metal films on the surface of dielectric materials: prospects of shaping by non-diffracting optical beams 650

E.F. Sheka, N.N. Rozhkova, K. Hołderna-Natkaniec, I. Natkaniec
Nanoscale reduced-graphene-oxide origin of shungite in light of neutron scattering 659

M. Zohrabi
Electric field enhancement of gold tip optical antenna with special geometry 677

A.A. Zvekov, M.V. Ananyeva, A.V. Kalenskii, A.P. Nikitin
Regularities of light diffusion in the composite material pentaerythriol tetranirate – nickel 685

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