24.09.2014 – 25.09.2014, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

K.K. Sabirov, A.R. Khalmukhamedov
A solution of nonlinear Schrödinger equation on metric graphs 162

D.U. Matrasulov, J.R. Yusupov, K.K. Sabirov, Z.A. Sobirov
Time-dependent quantum graph 173

J. Lipovsk√Ĺ
An introduction to the spectral asymptotics of a damped wave equation on metric graphs 182

K.K. Sabirov, Z.A. Sobirov, O.V. Karpova, A.A. Saidov
The relativistic inverse scattering problem for quantum graphs 192

Z.A. Sobirov, M.I. Akhmedov, H. Uecker
Cauchy problem for the linearized KdV equation on general metric star graphs 198

Sh. Tanimura
Uncertainty relation between angle and orbital angular momentum: interference effect in electron vortex beams 205

D.B. Abdullaev, B. Abdullaev, M.M. Musakhanov
Perturbative hydrodynamic Gross-Pitaevskii treatment for Bose-Einstein condensate in infinite length ring with disorder 213

S. Rakhmanov, D. Babajanov, O. Karpova, F. Khoshimova
Quantum dynamics in a kicked square billiards 216

D.B. Babajanov, D.U. Matrasulov, Z.A. Sobirov, S.K. Avazbaev, O.V. Karpova
Time-dependent quantum circular billiard 224

U.K. Sapaev, V.E. Eshniyazov, B.Kh. Eshchanov, D.B. Yusupov
Femtosecond pulse shaping via engineered nonlinear photonic crystals 244

B.L. Oksengendler, B. Askarov, I.N. Nurgaliyev, S.E. Maksimov, V.N. Nikiforov
Nanocatalysis: hypothesis on the action mechanism of gold 249

T. Akhmadjanov, E. Rakhimov, D. Otajanov
Particle dynamics in corrugated rectangular billiard 262

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