No. 4

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
August 2017, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 409-548


U.I. Baltaeva
The loaded parabolic-hyperbolic equation and its relation to non-local problems 413

D.A. Eremin, E.N. Grishanov, O.G. Kostrov, D.S. Nikiforov, I.Y. Popov
Time dependent quantum graph with loop 420


A.V. Alfimov, M.A. Shumova, E.M. Aryslanova, S.A. Chivilikhin
Mathematical modeling of magnetic field guided colloidal particle deposition with significant electric double layer interactions 426

M.B. Belonenko, I.S. Dvuzhilov, Yu.V. Nevzorova, E.N. Galkina
Three-dimensional light bullets in heterogeneous medium of carbon nanotubes with metallic conductivity 435

A.E. Ivanova, S.A. Chivilikhin, G.P. Miroshnichenko, A.V. Gleim
Fiber quantum random number generator, based on vacuum fluctuations 441

A.I. Trifanov, E.S. Trifanova
Quantum measurement of photon distribution statistics for intra-cavity EM field monitored by dumping atom-pointer 447

S.M. Vlasov, P.F. Bessarab, V.M. Uzdin, H. Jόnsson
Calculations of the onset temperature for tunneling in multispin systems 454


P.P. Fedorov, M.N. Mayakova, S.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Voronov, Yu.A. Ermakova, A.E. Baranchikov
Synthesis of СаF2-YF3 nanopowders by co-precipitation from aqueos solutions 462

V.E. Gurenko, V.P. Tolstoy, L.B. Gulina
The effect of microtube formation with walls, containing Fe3O4 nanoparticles, via gas-solution interface technique by hydrolysis of the FeCl2 and FeCl3 mixed solution with gaseous ammonia 471

A.A. Ostroushko, O.V. Russkikh
Oxide material synthesis by combustion of organic-inorganic compositions 476

S. Saravanan, R.S. Dubey
Grating influence study of GaAs solar cell structures 503

V.N. Semenov, O.V. Zvyagina, T.V. Samofalova, A.N. Nituta
The surface morphology of ZnS-CdS solid solution films 507

D.O. Shvedchenko, V.V. Volkov, E.I. Suvorova
Sizes and size distributions of nanoparticles: Causes of differences in results obtained by transmission electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering 512

B.V. Sladkopevtcev, E.V. Zolotukhina, E.V. Tomina, I.Ya. Mittova
The XPS investigations of the surface composition of nanoscale films formed by thermal oxidation of VxOy/InP heterostructures 523

A.S. Solomatin, R.Yu. Yakovlev, О.V. Efremenkova, I.G. Sumarukova, I.I. Kulakova, G.V. Lisichkin
Antibacterial activity of Amikacin-immobilized detonation nanodiamond 531

P.Yu. Vanina, A.A. Naberezhnov, O.A. Alekseeva, A.A. Sysoeva, D.P. Danilovich, V.I. Nizhankovskii
Phase transitions in nanostructured K1-x(NH4)(x)H2PO4 (x = 0 – 0.15) solid solutions 535

M.F. Vildanova, S.S. Kozlov, A.B. Nikolskaia, O.I. Shevaleevskiy, N.A. Tsvetkov, O.V. Alexeeva, L.L. Larina
Niobium-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles for electron transport layers in perovskite solar cells 540

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