No. 3

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
June 2022, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 233-351


M.I. Muminov, A.M. Khurramov, I.N. Bozorov
Conditions for the existence of bound states of a two-particle Hamiltonian on a three-dimensional lattice 237

I.V. Blinova, A.I. Popov, A.A. Bosova
Spectral gaps for star-like quantum graph and for two coupled rings 245


V.D. Krevchik, A.V. Razumov, M.B. Semenov, A.V. Levashov, A.V. Shorokhov
Influence of dissipative tunneling on the photodielectric effect associated with the excitation of impurity complexes A+ +e in a quasi-zero dimensional structure 250

Ayham Shaer, Mohammad K. Elsaid
The Gaussian impurity effect on the electronic and magnetic properties of an electron confined in a lateral quantum dot 265

A.V. Smirnov, A.M. Semenov, Yu.B. Porozov, B.А. Fedorov
Assessment of structural changes in proteins and surrounding water molecules in solution according to SAXS and MD data 274

I.V. Pleshakov, A.V. Prokof’ev, E.E. Bibik, Yu.I. Kuz’min
Investigation of structures formed by magnetic fluid nanoparticles in polymer matrices by static light scattering 285

R. Goncharov, E. Bolychev, I. Vorontsova, E. Samsonov, V. Egorov
Overview of device-independent continuous-variable quantum key distribution 290

G.V. Tushavin, A.I. Trifanov, E.V. Zaitseva
Ladder operators approach to representation classification problem for Jordan-Schwinger image of su(2) algebra 299


N.N. Chukavin, A.L. Popov, A.B. Shcherbakov, O.S. Ivanova, A.D. Filippova, V.K. Ivanov
CeO2-calcein nanoconjugate protective action against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in vitro 308

S.S. Kozlov, O.V. Alexeeva, A.B. Nikolskaia, O.I. Shevaleevskiy, D.D. Averkiev, P.V. Kozhuhovskaya, O.V. Almjasheva, L.L. Larina
Double perovskite oxides La2NiMnO6 and La2Ni0.8Fe0.2MnO6
for inorganic perovskite solar cells

S. Kalaiarasi, S. Shyamala, M. Kavitha C. Vedhi, R.R. Muthuchudarkodi
Electrochemical performance of r-graphene oxide based MnO2 nanocomposite for supercapacitor 320

S.V. Kuznetsov, S.A. Burikov, A.A. Fedyanina, E.A. Filippova, V.Yu. Proydakova, V.V. Voronov, N.Yu. Tabachkova, P.P. Fedorov, T.A. Dolenko
Impact of sensitizer Yb and activator Tm on luminescence intensity of β-NaYF4:Yb/Tm nanoluminophores 331

D.J. Kamothi, V. Kant, V. Kumar, V.G. Joshi, R. Chhabra
Evaluation of antibacterial potential of bilirubin nanoparticles against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli 342

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