No. 1

Analytical Review of International Conference “Basic Problems of Optics” (BPO’2010)(RU) 10
V.L. Vaks, E.G. Domracheva, E.A. Sobakinskaya, M.B. Chernyaeva
The application of subTHz and THz nonstationary spectroscopy methods and devices for non-invasive medical diagnostics(RU) 16
M.E. Gusev, A.A. Voronin, V.S. Gurevich, A.M. Ysaev, I.V. Alekseenko, V.I. Redkorechev
Application of digital holographic methods to nano-displacement’s measurements(RU) 23
A.I. Ignatov, A.M. Merzlikin, A.P. Vinogradov
Light localization at oblique incidence on a random system of magnetodielectric layers(RU) 40
G.P. Miroshnichenko
Single photon sources and detectors based on micro- and nanooptical structures(RU) 47
G.P. Miroshnichenko, A.I. Trifanov
Optical information processing based on nonlinear properties of atomic gases (RU) 64
N.V. Petrov, V.G. Bespalov, M.V. Volkov
Wavefront reconstruction with a reference-free digital CCD-registration of multispectral speckle-patterns(RU) 82
D.I. Staselko, A.S. Shcheulin, A.A. Angervax, A.I. Ryskin, S.A. Tikhomirov, O.V. Buganov
Femtosecond spectroscopy of free polarons formation and picometer motions of impurity ions in fluoride cadmium crystal(RU) 91
T.V. Statsenko, Yu.A. Tolmachev, I.A. Shevkunov
Time and space transformation of the ultrashort pulse by Fresnel lens(RU) 101
V.G. Fedotov, A.G. Sel’kin
Multiple bragg diffraction and interference effects in 3D photonic crystal films(RU) 109
D.T. Yan
Optical functions and band gap of porous silicon at the energy 0,1–6,2 Ev(RU) 116

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