No. 3

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
June 2015, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 305-453


P. Kurasov, A. Serio
Topological damping of Aharonov-Bohm effect: quantum graphs and vertex conditions 309


B. Assfour, S. Leoni
Storage and separation of CO2 and CH4 in boron imidazolate frameworks: a theoretical study from Monte Carlo simulation 320

S.V. Dzyubanenko, V.D. Lukyanov
Modeling of the kinetics of reactive diffusion of gallium in copper particles 332

Yu.S. Kivshar
From metamaterials to metasurfaces and metadevices 346

V.L. Kulinskii, D.Yu. Panchenko
Localized states near the Abrikosov vortex core in type-II superconductors within zero-range potential model 353

V.M. Pugachev, K.A. Datiy, A.S. Valnyukova, M.V. Ananyeva, A.V. Kalenskii
Synthesis of copper nanoparticles for use in an optical initiation system 361

V. Rudyak, A. Belkin
Statistical mechanics of transport processes of fluids under confined conditions 366

E.F.Sheka, I. Natkaniec, V. Mel’nikov, K. Druzbicki
Neutron scattering from graphene oxide paper and thermally exfoliated reduced graphene oxide 378

V.V. Zubkov, V.M. Samsonov, I.V. Grinev, I.V. Popov
Classical density functional approach to adsorption of hydrogen in carbon materials 394


N.E. Kochkina, O.A. Skobeleva, Yu.V. Khokhlova
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in DMSO solutions of starch: a comparative investigation of native and soluble starches 405

I.V. Melikhov, O.V. Alekseeva, V.N. Rudin, E.D. Kozlovskaya, A.V. Noskov
Morphological memory of polymeric bodies 412

I.Ya. Mittova, V.F. Kostryukov
Chemostimulating effect of mixture and separate evaporation of manganese (IV) oxide compositions with lead (II) oxide and vanadium (V) oxide on GaAs thermal oxidation 424

K.N. Semenov, N.A. Charykov, O.S. Manyakina, A.V. Fedorov, V.A. Keskinov, K.V. Ivanova, O.V. Rakhimova, D.G. Letenko, V.A. Nikitin, N.A. Kulenova, Z. Akhmetvalieva, M.S. Gutenev
Mass transport properties of water soluble light fullerene tris-malonate — C60 [= C(COOH)2]3 in aqueous solutions 435

M.V. Talanov, V.B. Shirokov, V.M. Talanov
Atomic order and metallic nanoclusters in Na4Ir3O8 442

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