Chemistry and Material Science

Zh.I. Bespalova, A.V. Khramenkova
The use of transient electrolysis in the technology of oxide composite nanostructured materials: review 433

K.I. Bryukhanova, G.E. Nikiforova, K.S. Gavrichev
Synthesis and study of anhydrous lanthanide orthophosphate (Ln=La, Pr, Nd, Sm) nanowhiskers 451

A.T. Nguyen, Ph.H.Nh. Phan, I.Ya. Mittova, M.V. Knurova, V.O. Mittova
The characterization of nanosized ZnFe2O4 material prepared by coprecipitation 459

D.V. Pikhurov, V.V. Zuev
Synthesis and mechanical characterization of nanoparticle-infused polyurethane foams. Statistical analysis of foam morphology 464

E.S. Shapoval, V.V. Zuev
Dielectric properties of polyamide 12- chromium(III) oxide nanocomposites 472

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