No. 4

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
August 2016, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 579-780

Special Issue:
“International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (NANO 2015).”
7-10 December 2015, Tamil Nadu, India.

V. Lingwal, A.S. Kandari, N.S. Panwar
Optical properties of sodium niobate thin films 583

Debesh R. Roy, Majid Shaikh, Vipin Kumar
In4Mg3 in InxMg3 (x=1-6) series: a magic unit for future smart materials 592

Chetna C. Chauhan, Rajshree B. Jotania
Structural and magnetic properties of BaCo2-xNixFe16O27 hexagonal ferrite prepared by a simple heat treatment method 595

N. Aloysius, M.S. Rintu, E.M. Muhammed, T. Varghese
Dielectric studies of nanocrystalline calcium tungstate 599

Pallavi B. Patil, Vijay V. Kondalkar, Kishorkumar V. Khot, Chaitali S. Bagade, Rahul M. Mane, P.N. Bhosale
Dynamic study of bismuth telluride quantum dot assisted titanium oxide for efficient photoelectrochemical performance 604

V.G. Chandran, S.D. Waigaonkar
Investigations on cycle time reduction, dynamic mechanical properties and creep for rotationally moldable nano composites of linear low density polyethylene and fumed silica 609

Sujoy Saha, Alo Dutta, P.K. Mukhopadhyay, T.P. Sinha
Dielectric relaxation and charge transport process in PrCrO3 nano-ceramic 613

D.E. Umesha, D. Shivalingappa, R. Kishore Kumar, Binto Tomy, D. Ramesh Rao
Influence of bismuth on the microstructure, hardness and dry sliding wear behavior of magnesium silicide reinforced magnesium alloy composite 618

G. Balakrishnan, S. Manavalan, R. Venkatesh Babu, J.I. Song
Effect of substrate temperature on microstructure and properties of nanocrystalline titania thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition 621

R. Karthick, K. Ramachandran, R. Srinivasan
Study of Faraday effect on Co1-xZnxFe2O4 nanoferrofluids 624

K. Gangadevi, K. Ramachandran, R. Srinivasan
Preparation and characterization of porous silicon photoelectrode for dye sensitized solar cells 629

J. Kalaivani, K. Renukadevi, K. Ramachandran, R. Srinivasan
TiO2 based dye-sensitized solar cell using natural dyes 633

G. Suganthi, T. Arockiadoss, T.S. Uma
ZnS nanoparticles decorated graphene nanoplatelets as immobilization matrix for glucose biosensor 637

A.G. Gayathri, C.M. Joseph
Bistable electrical switching and performance of a pentacene-based write once/read many memory device 643

C. Sagi Rani, P. Athira, N. Joseph John
Investigations on tri manganese tetra oxide nano particles prepared by thermal decomposition 647

S.V. Laturkar, P.A. Mahanwar
Superhydrophobic coatings using nanomaterials for anti-frost applications – review 650

M. Mylarappa, V. Venkata Lakshmi, K.R. Vishnu Mahesh, H.P. Nagaswarupa, S.C. Prashantha, D.M.K. Siddeswara, N. Raghavendra
Electro chemical and photo catalytic studies of MnO2 nanoparticles from waste dry cell batteries 657

K.N Shravana Kumara, H.P. Nagaswarupa, K.R. Vishnu Mahesh, S.C. Prashantha, M. Mylarappa, D.M.K Siddeshwara
Synthesis and characterization of nano ZnO and MgO powder by low temperature solution combustion method: studies concerning electrochemical and photocatalytic behavior 662

B.H. Nanjunda Reddy, V. Venkata Lakshmi, K.R Vishnu Mahesh, M. Mylarappa
Preparation of chitosan/different organomodified clay polymer nanocomposites: studies on morphological, swelling, thermal stability and anti-bacterial properties 667

P.P. Pradyumnan
Superparamagnetism in FeCo nanoparticles 675

D.M.K. Siddeswara, K.R. Vishnu Mahesh, S. C. Sharma, M. Mylarappa, H. Nagabhushana, K. S. Ananthraju, H. P. Nagaswarupa, S. C. Prashantha, N. Raghavendra
ZnO decorated graphene nanosheets: an advanced material for the electrochemical performance and photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes 678

P. Ramasundari, S. Ganeshan, R. Vijayalakshmi
Characterization studies on the novel mixed thin films 683

S. Ganeshan, P. Ramasundari, A. Elangovan, R. Vijayalakshmi
Optical and structural studies of the vanadium pentoxide thin films 687

Ishwar Naik, Rajashekhar Bhajantri, Lohit Naik, B.S. Patil, Ullas shetti Pragasam, Sunil Rathod, Jagadeesh Naik
Optically tuned poly (3-hexylthiophene-2, 5-diyl) P3HT/PCBM (modified fullerene) blend for plastic solar cell 691

N. Karthikeyan, V. Narayanan, A. Stephen
Visible light degradation of textile effluent using nanostructured TiO2/Ag/CuO photocatalysts 695

V. Rajendran, S. Arulmozhi Packiaseeli, S.Muthumari, R. Vijayalakshmi
Temperature influence study on the copper selenide films 699

S. Arulmozhi Packiaseeli, V. Rajendran, R. Vijayalakshmi
Structural, optical and morphological study of tungsten selenide thin films 703

M. Chitra, K. Uthayarani, N. Rajasekaran, N. Neelakandeswari, E.K. Girija, D. Pathinettam Padiyan
ZnO/SnO2/Zn2SnO4 nanocomposite: preparation and characterization for gas sensing applications 707

P. Nithyadevi, R. Joseph Rathish, J. Sathiya Bama, S. Rajendran, R. Maria Joany, M. Pandiarajan, A. Anandan
Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in well water by TiO2 nanoparticles and an aqueous extract of May flower 711

E.B. Mubofu, S. Mlowe, N. Revaprasadu
Cashew nut shells as source of chemicals for preparation of chalcogenide nanoparticles 724

G. Jayakumar, A. Albert Irudayaraj, A. Dhayal Raj, M. Anusuya
Investigation on the preparation and properties of nanostructured cerium oxide 728

S. Kotresh, Y.T. Ravikiran, H.G. Raj Prakash, S.C. Vijaya Kumari
Polyaniline-Titanium dioxide composite as humidity sensor at room temperature 732

Karuppannan Rokesh, Kulandaivel Jeganathan, Kandasamy Jothivenkatachalam
Zinc oxide-palladium material an efficient solar-light driven photocatalyst for degradation of congo red 740

C.V. Niveditha, M.J. Jabeen Fatima, S. Sindhu
Electrochemical synthesis of p-type copper oxides 747

P. Nijisha, N.M. Bhabhina, S. Sindhu
Application of electrolyte in dye sensitized solar cells 752

M.R. Khodke, Satishchandra V. Joshi
An investigative study on application of carbon nanotubes for strain sensing 755

R.K. Preethika, R. Ramya, M. Ganesan, S. Nagaraj, K. Pandian
Synthesis and characterization of neomycin functionalized chitosan stabilized silver nanoparticles and its antimicrobial activity 759

N.D. Desai, S.M. Patil, K.V. Khot, R.M. Mane, P.N. Bhosale
Surfactant assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline n-Bi2Se3 thin films at room temperature via arrested precipitation technique 765

J. Selvamuthumari, S. Meenakshi, M. Ganesan, S. Nagaraj, K. Pandian
Antibacterial and catalytic properties of silver nanoparticles loaded zeolite: green method for synthesis of silver nanoparticles using lemon juice as reducing agent 768

S. Devasena, S. Meenakshi, R. Sayeekannan, K. Pandian
In-situ functionalization of aniline oligomer onto layered graphene sheet and study of its application on electrochemical detection of ascorbic acid in food samples 774

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