No. 1

Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics
February 2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 001-125


Jyoti Kori, Pratibha, Mohammad Junaid Abbasi
A mathematical study of the flow of nanoparticles inside periodic permeable and viscoelastic lung 5

S. Mondal, A. Bhosale, N. De, A. Pal
Topological properties of some nanostructures 14

A.S. Mikhaylov, V.S. Mikhaylov
Finite Toda lattice and classical moment problem 25


W. Florek, A. Marlewski, G. Kamieniarz, M. Antkowiak
The Lagrange variety approach applied to frustrated classical wheels 30

V. Sajfert, N. Pop, D. Popov
Geometrical analyses of nanostructures 36

F. Iacob
Electron transport through nanosystems driven by pseudo-Gaussian well scattering 44

S. Leble
Magnetoelectric effects theory by Heisenberg method based on permutation group symmetry of nanoparticles 50

A.V. Ivanov, P.F. Bessarab, H. J¤însson, V.M. Uzdin
Fully self-consistent calculations of magnetic structure within non-collinear Alexander-Anderson model 65


V. Gupta, V. Kant, A.K. Sharma, M. Sharma
Comparative assessment of antibacterial efficacy for cobalt nanoparticles, bulk cobalt and standard antibiotics: A concentration dependant study 78

S. Saravanan
Optical pathlength enhancement in ultrathin silicon solar cell using decorated silver nanoparticles on aluminium grating 86

H. Sharma, Y.C. Sharma
Synthesis and characterization of bismuth selenide thin films by thermal evaporation technique 92

N.R. Popova, V.V. Andreeva, N.V. Khohlov, A.L. Popov, V.K. Ivanov
Fabrication of CeO2 nanoparticles embedded in polysaccharide hydrogel and their application in skin wound healing 99

I.Ya. Mittova, V.F. Kostryukov, N.A. Ilyasova, B.V. Sladkopevtsev, A.A. Samsonov
Modification of nanoscale thermal oxide films formed on indium phosphide under the influence of tin dioxide 110

Sidheshwar G. Gaurkhede
Microwave synthesis and studies room temperature optical properties of LaF3: Ce3+, Pr3+, Nd3+ nanocrystals 117

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